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The pilgrims who buy reproductions of the Virgin Mary on the website of the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes can now be sure: the statues they will receive at home are faithful trait for trait to the sculpture of Joseph-Hugues Fabisch nestled in the cave of the sanctuary. Their conformity is even now validated by an official certificate issued by the Sanctuary. For this purpose, the diocese has entrusted the experts of Cetim with the task of 3D digitizing the original in order to create new moulds. A high-flying operation, carried out at night not to disturb the recollection of the faithful, to be found in images in a new online video.

Vincent Barbier, from Cetim Sud-Ouest, details the history of this service, the constraints related to the place, the equipment used, and the final result provided by the Centre: an accurate 3D model to the tenth of a millimeter! “Our customers were particularly surprised to see details that were not visible to the naked eye,” he explains. A success that paved the way for other 3D digitization operations for the diocese, including the entire cave in order to make the setting for a musical recounting the life of Bernadette Soubirous.